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​​​​Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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The Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui allows us to look at our lives to see what is working for us and what is not.  It provides us an opportunity to connect with our surroundings creating a more balanced and harmonious life.  It focuses on the chi energy that flows through us and all that surrounds us.   It is a connection between your life and your living environment.


Feng Shui can uncover the areas in your life where the energies may be stuck or stagnate by creating a more balanced living space that will encourage the energy to flow freely.


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Clutter in our living spaces creates disorganization in our lives. It blocks the chi from flowing freely which can result in roadblocks in our personal or business areas. This would encompass our emotional attachment to items or objects that may hold sad memories as well as a gift that doesn't blend or fit with your decor.

In feng shui it is said that when we let go of something old, we make room for something new.

De-cluttering, and organizational ideas as well as optimal furniture placement will clear those areas allowing chi to flow freely breathing new life into your living environment.

Your home is a reflection of who you are. It is a canvas so to speak where you can create an environment based on personal needs, comfort, safety, beauty and lifestyle,

If we are experiencing health issues stuck in our career, or in a bad relationship, we can use our homes as a road map to change the energy patterns in that area which keeps us from moving forward.

Combining traditional design principles with feng shui can create a design that not only compliments your lifestyle, but adds balance and harmony in your life.

A space that enhances all five senses, is inviting and welcoming.



Feng Shui is used by enhancing ones environment in order to support their life.

By asking yourself what is currently going on in your life, what is working and what is not,  can uncover areas in your home or office where energy may be stagnate or blocked. 

Feng Shui can be used to enhance such life supporting areas as:

  • Fame and Reputation
  • Love, Marriage and Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • Career
  • Knowledge and Self Cultivation
  • Health and Family
  • Wealth and Abundance

Applying feng shui to your living or working space will create, enhance and support your life, connecting you with your environment..

A Feng Shui design that's you!

As a Feng Shui Consultant applying the ancient art of Feng Shui design with traditional design principles can create your ideal living space. One that will nurture and revitalize you.

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