Gail Casalini




  • Are you looking for a fun reason to bring your friends together? 

  • Have you heard of Feng Shui but don't know what it is or what is does?

Host a Feng Shui party at your house!

Hosting a feng shui party in your home is perfect for people that are interested in learning what Feng Shui is and how it works – in a relaxed fun way!   Maybe you already know about Feng Shui and want to share its benefits with others – while incorporating an evening with friends and maybe even some wine:)

How it works:
Gather with your friends at one of your homes and I’ll join you for up to 90 minutes to teach some feng shui basics using the home we are in as an example.  Learn how a few easy-to-implement changes can create a home that feels better and flow better.  I’ll work with the hostess beforehand to decide what topics to cover.  Potential areas of focus:

  • Learn how your entryway is (or is not) attracting opportunity for you
  • Discover how to arrange your home office so it inspires your best work
  • Enhance your bedroom to spice up your love life
  • Create a supportive and fun environment for kids
  • Remedy a challenge your home presents in your life –including wealth, career, love and health.


The hostess gets a free consultation focusing on a potential area (previously discussed) and guests leave with a basic understanding of feng shui and valuable tips and tools they can apply to their own homes if they choose.  Each guest will leave with a copy of the feng shui bagua map (and understand how to use it), a guide to balancing the 5 elements, and a list of items that help attract and enhance flow in a space.

A few things to note:

I ask for a minimum of 6 guests.  Fee is $15 per person.

There is no sales pitch, no catalog to finger through, nothing for your guests to do but have fun!  Of course I am hoping that some guests will like what they see and hear enough to want a personal consultation or to join one of my online courses.

ALWAYS POPULAR - I encourage the host NOT to tidy up too much before the party – seeing the normal state of a space allows me to best apply the needed feng shui principles. ​ CALL or EMAIL Gail to arrange a feng shui home party!   

Parties only available in the Tampa Bay area.  Other areas possible, but travel costs may apply.