Gail Casalini


"Find a Penny, pick it up,

all the day you'll have good luck"

​Lucky Penny is just that.  She is bright and shiny just like a copper penny.  We aren't exactly sure of her breed but think she is a Black Mouth Cur. She has golden yellow eyes outlined in black just like she's wearing eyeliner. Her fur is copper color and her personality is bright and lively. 

Penny came into my life after some difficult and challenging years filled with much change and loss, and sadness.

​It was time to change the energy in my home and in my life. I decided to get a dog. I began my search online looking at all the local recues.  I was looking for an older dog that needed a good home and lots of love. There were so many but then we saw a photo of Penny and she looked older and so sad and we wanted to meet her.  It was love at first sight! Penny got out of the car and ran right over to me. It was a instant connection. Much to our surprise she was a 14 week old puppy.  She just looked old in her photos because she had been abandoned and had a rough start in her short life. We brought her home that day and she is now 1 year old and a happy, healthy member of the family.

​Penny's has changed the energy in my home and my heart.  My home is now lively and active. My heart is open to give love as well as receive. She makes me smile every time I look at her. In fact she always has a smile on her face.  A man in the park stopped us one day and commented on her smile and asked her name.  I told him "Penny" and he smiled and reached into his pocket and gave me a silver penny. He told me it will bring me good luck.

​I don't know who rescued whom but I do know that balance has been restored for both of us.