Long-distance consultations are a very successful way to work with me on the Feng Shui of your home or office.
Working from photos and your floor plan, we review your home or office from a Feng Shui perspective. You get a full set of Feng Shui adjustments that address your personal and/or professional life challenges.

A long-distance Feng Shui consultation includes:

  • My in-depth review of materials you send me in advance of the consultation including floor plans, photos and more;
  • A discussion of your answers to my exclusive pre-consultation questionnaire as well as your personal challenges and goals that you wish to address with Feng Shui;
  • A 90-minute+ live Feng Shui consultation with you via phone or Skype;
  • A followup phone review a few weeks later to make sure you are on track and answer any questions you may have.

During the consultation we review the Bagua map as it lays out over your home or office, as well as the Five Elements as they pertain to you personally and to your space. We also discuss the appropriate art, colors, furniture placement and more that create your best and most auspicious Feng Shui.

Long-distance consultations are conducted via telephone, Skype or email. Contact me at 917-225-7851 to schedule or get more details on pricing.

Feng Shui Space-Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

  • Does the energy in your home or office feel negative or “off”?

  • Are you feeling stuck or uncomfortable in your life – but you don’t know why?

  • Is it time to clear the air and bring harmony and health into your surroundings? 

Refresh the energy in your home or office by removing stubborn blocks and transforming negative Chi.

Enhance your relationships, attract romance into your life, bring abundant new business to your door and rebuild your health. All these are results I have seen after this powerful ceremony.

The time is right for a Feng Shui Space-Clearing when you wish to:

  • Clear negative predecessor energy from your environment,
  • Transform adverse energy that remains after traumatic events such as divorce, illness or death;
  • Get energy moving in “stuck” areas of your life,
  • Activate a positive atmosphere in a new home or office.
  • Make room for the changes you are making to your space after a Feng Shui consultation

This beautiful ritual celebration brings your space into harmony with your goals, honoring and activating your dreams with power and intention.

Fees vary; please inquire.  Travel fees may apply for locations
We respect your privacy. All Feng Shui consultations are completely confidential.


Are you seeking fresh energy in your life?

A Feng Shui consultation brings focus, clarity and flow to the most important parts of your home and your life.

  • Feng Shui in your bedroom enhances romance and helps you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Feng Shui in your kitchen helps you attract health and abundance.​
  • Feng Shui in your office boosts your career and promotes your financial success.

From your entryway to the bedroom and even your outdoor space, I assess your whole home to bring in beauty and comfort, and to activate positive energy in your life.

Here’s how a Home Feng Shui Consultation works:

  • Every consultation begins with YOU.  Filling out my Feng Shui pre-consultation questionnaire is a powerful exercise that helps you clarify your goals and challenges.  Your floor plan is essential as it is a roadmap to you and what's happening in your life.

  • Next, I conduct an in-person, on-site Feng Shui review of your home using the Bagua Energy Map, Five Elements theory and other powerful Feng Shui tools and techniques to enhance your space.

As I analyze your space, we discuss the Feng Shui adjustments and how they affect your life.

You get step-by-step guidance to personal Feng Shui adjustments including furniture arrangement, room flow, color and art selection and more.

Whenever possible we get “hands-on” to start making Feng Shui adjustments right away, on the spot.

At the end of the consultation you have sketches and notes about the Feng Shui adjustments I’ve recommended, that you can refer to as often as you like. We’ll also schedule a follow-up phone call to answer any questions you may have after I leave your home.

Fees for on-site consultations vary depending on the size of the home or apartment. Contact me to inquire 917-225-7851 I will work with you.  Travel fees may apply outside a 20 mile radius. 

Your privacy is important to me – every Feng Shui consultation is completely confidential.

Gail Casalini